3000 in 1 – Artistic Bundle

If you are looking for some illustrations, patterns, watercolor graphics and effects for new artistic projects then you are at the right place because here you will get a great collection of 3000+ design assets in 1 bundle.

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3000 in 1 – Artistic Bundle bringing over 3000 artistic design assets with amazing 99% discount from 3 authors. It’s full packed with hand-drawn vector illustrations, seamless patterns, watercolor textures and illustrations, pre-made compositions, brushes, symbols, layer styles, and so much more! It’s a great chance to bring your design toolbox to the new level with this massive collection of the pro-grade design resources you shouldn’t miss.

With this deal you get:

  • 18 creative graphics sets in 1 bundle!
  • Ready for print or online use
  • Extended license!

Take a look at what you can get:

18 creative graphics sets in 1 bundle!

1800+ Hand-Drawn Vector Illustrations:

1. AquaWay – watercolored vector pack from Milka

What can be better than ocean and freedom? 🙂 Today I’m glad to introduce you my new product I was working on for last month: a thematic set of vector elements and effects, which will become an irreplaceable part of your toolbox.

In the package you will find:

  • 120 hand draw elements;
  • 12 watercolor pattern (.pat);
  • 9 pre-made vintage logos;
  • 4 watercolor splash.

Files included: EPS, AI, PSD, JPG, PAT.

2. The Hip Decorative Toolkit from Milka

It is a great joy for me to introduce you my new product, a massive collection of decorative elements. It’s a huge vector set and a collection of watercolor elements and styles. I did everything I could to make this pack not only as valuable as possible but give it a unique, outstanding style. I sincerely hope you will enjoy it!

What is included:

  • 200+ vector elements (ai, eps, psd)
  • 10 watercolor layer styles (pat)
  • 15 watercolor splashes (png)
  • 7 watercolor shapes (png)

3. Delilah – Hand Drawn Vector Set from Milka

I’m happy to introduce you my new decorative toolkit, the Delilah Vector Set. It’s a creative collection of vector graphics including pre-made frames, animal illustrations, floral and berries, ribbons and many other decorative elements. Just pick vectors that fit most for your next invitation design, business card, or maybe a poster for a hipster coffee shop 🙂 Besides, an included texture set would be a great bonus to the Delilah Set that will bring you so much fun and joy in your work. Your hand-drawn compositions would look just fabulous with golden and metallic textures overlay 😉

  • 170+ vector elements (ai, eps, psd, png)
  • 24 pre-made frames (ai, eps, psd, png)
  • 8 textures (jpg, eps)

4. Oregano – Vector Elements Kit Set from Milka

I’m happy to give you the Oregano, a huge pack of vector elements which contains all what you need for creating sweet designs for different needs: logos, labels, prints, patterns, greeting cards and many other. I’ve tried to put all my soul in each element from this kit (fair for both cute animals and demonic creatures) and I really hope you will like it. This product included 600 vector elements in vector formats: AI, EPS,PSD & PNG.

5. Romantic Dreams Graphic Pack from Creative Veila

Romantic dreams are the beautiful things that help us to enjoy our lives. My new graphic set is full of romance coming along with 450 cute hand-drawn illustrations in vector format, 50 vector pattern brushes for Illustrator and 9 easy to use and edit pre-made card designs. Meet the Romantic Dreams! Tell about your feelings, share your love, bring the joy and deliver happiness.

You’re capable of anything with the right tools: the Romantic Dreams is perfect for designing wedding invitations and celebration cards, composing love-themed illustrations, decorating typography compositions, creating printable and apparel designs, promo banners and so much more!

What is included:

  • 450 Beautifully Drawn And Carefully Digitized Illustrations (AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, PNG);
  • 50 Pattern Brushes for Illustrator (works with Adobe CC+ );
  • 9 Pre-Made Card Designs (AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, JPG).

6. Summer Rocks! Vectors Collection from Creative Veila

Summer rocks! Try to argue that! And since it’s August already, the summer is almost over. Yet, it gave me so much fun, good vibes, and inspiration, that I crafted this whole vector doodles collection as my tribute to this fantastic Summer 16! ? And I sincerely hope these illustrations will give the right feel to the design projects you would use them for. Upgrade your toolbox with a massive set of incredibly positive and vibrant vector illustrations.

The scenarios of using are countless: invitation cards, greetings, apparel design, gift packaging, labels, logo crafting, posters, stationery, and more! Check out the presentation and list below.

What’s included:

  • 214 hand-crafted vector illustrations;
  • All convenient vector formats: EPS, AI, PDF, SVG;
  • 5 vector seamless patters;

7. Ratatouille Sketched from Creative Veila

I’m so glad to finally release my new product! Meet the Ratatouille Sketched, a set of hand-made vector illustrations and seamless patterns. Varied and robust, it will provide you with delicious illustrations for your creative projects! It can be incredibly useful for your logos, banners, apparel design, blog posts, hero images and package design. Tons of opportunities and potential design masterpieces 🙂

Just get yourself a copy of Ratatouille Sketched and you will get:

  • One File With All 130+ Hand-Drawn Vector Elements inside in EPS, AI, & SVG Formats;
  • 12 Files With Vector Seamless Patterns in EPS, PNG & JPG Formats;
  • 4 Hi-Res Paper Texture in Print Ready 300 dpi JPG Format.

170 Watercolor Textures & 195 Illustrations:

8. Rosalie Seamless Watercolor Patterns from Milka

I love to draw! I use pencils, watercolors, markers, and sometimes even my finger on the dusty glass. It is the first time I draw patterns. I didn’t expect that it would be so much fun! So I want to present you 25 cheerful seamless geometric patterns in three styles, which make it truly multipurpose. I hope they will bring some vibrant and expressive feel to your design projects.

Rosalie Seamless Watercolor Patterns set includes:

  • 25 Colorful Seamless Patterns in Vector EPS Format;
  • 25 Colorful Seamless Patterns in JPG Format (4000×4000);
  • 25 Colorful Seamless Patterns in PNG Format With Transparent Background (4000×4000).
  • 25 Black&White Seamless Patterns in Vector EPS Format;
  • 25 Black&White Seamless Patterns in JPG Format (4000×4000);
  • 25 Black&White Seamless Patterns in PNG Format With Transparent Background (4000×4000).
  • 25 Gold Seamless Patterns in Vector AI Format;
  • 25 Gold Seamless Patterns in JPG Format (4000×4000);
  • 25 Gold Seamless Patterns in PNG Format With Transparent Background (4000×4000).

9. AquaFlow Watercolor Generator from Creative Veila

You don’t have to be a skilled artist to create stunning watercolor artworks and designs! Not anymore, at least ? I’m happy to present you Aquaflow, a comprehensive toolkit for Photoshop and Illustrator full of useful tools, resources, and assets that will help you to nail hand-made watercolor style, popular as never before. It includes brushes, patterns, layer styles, and symbols to make your workflow comfortable with your favorite app, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Of course, source assets are included as well, in all popular formats including PNG files. Also, you will get 150+ beautiful hand-drawn vector illustrations that will help you to unleash your creative potential as a nice bonus. Feel yourself a complete newbie? Don’t worry, in the package, you will find complete PDF tutorials to help you with setting everything up.

Included Assets:

  • 54 Vector Shapes (AI, EPS, SVG, PFD, PNG);
  • 36 Seamless Watercolor & Paper Textures (JPG);
  • 150+ Bonus Vector Illustrations (AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, PNG).

Native Adobe Illustrator Tools:

  • 54 Vector Brushes;
  • 54 Symbols;
  • 36 Seamless Watercolor Patterns.

Native Adobe Photoshop Tools:

  • 54 Brushes (ABR);
  • 36 Seamless Watercolor Patterns (PAT);
  • 108 Photoshop Layer Styles (ASL).

A Hand-Picked Free Fonts Selection in PDF Format

10. Watercolor Vision Vector Patterns from PixelBuddha

We’re happy to present you our new watercolor set of seamless vector patterns that will definitely become a useful addition to your professional designer toolbox! It brings you 20 beautiful and vivid patterns perfect for packaging design, branding, wedding & invitation cards, apparel, scrapbooking, home decor (pillows, towels, etc.), fashion and more. These incredible assets are 100% hand-made by our colleague and wonderful watercolor artist, Daria Vinokurova.

Watercolor Vision set includes:

  • 20 Seamless Patterns in Vector EPS Format;
  • 20 Seamless Patterns in JPG Format (4000×4000);
  • 20 Seamless Patterns in PNG Format With Transparent Background ( 4000×4000).

11. Geometry Watercolor Vector Patterns from PixelBuddha

Our new vector watercolor patterns combine the beauty and hand-mastered feel with versatility and value of vector-based assets! Meet the Geometry Watercolor Patterns, a set of 24 vibrant seamless patterns perfect for packaging design, branding, wedding & invitation cards, apparel, scrapbooking, home decor (pillows, towels, etc.), fashion and more. We thank our friend and an outstanding watercolor artist, Daria Vinokurova for being part of our creative team for this project.

Geometry Watercolor set includes:

  • 24 Seamless Patterns in Vector EPS Format;
  • 24 Seamless Patterns in JPG Format (4000×4000);
  • 24 Seamless Patterns in PNG Format With Transparent Background (4000×4000).

12. Enchanted Watercolor Kit from PixelBuddha

As a part of our fabulous collaboration with watercolor artist Daria Vinokurova, we’re happy to introduce you our new, truly epic decorative pack! Doing out best to offer only the top resources, we’ve created Enchanted Watercolor Kit, which can give you not only the highest premium quality but impressive size as well. It is an enormous collection of decorative elements like florals, floral wreaths, leaves, feathers, tribal elements, deer, and many others illustrations that will cover you for any design purpose that may appear! In addition, we’ve included six vivid patterns crafted using watercolor elements from the kit. We hope you will enjoy it and appreciate how much easier and funnier your working process will become with this product.

What’s inside:

  • 83 hi-res isolated watercolor elements (PNG)
  • 6 unique patterns 600×600 (PNG, PAT)
  • 6 pre-made compositions, just to warm up you creativity (PSD) 🙂

13. Watercolor Enthusiast Graphic Kit from PixelBuddha

Speaking of enthusiasm, we’re crazy about watercolor resources! That’s why today we’re so excited to introduce our new high-quality set of watercolor illustrations created in collaboration with Daria Vinokurova.

Watercolor Enthusiast is an incredible collection of watercolors created with a huge passion and attention to the details. Flowers, minerals, leaves, shells, easily adjustable pre-made composition and patterns — everything to give you unlimited freedom to create any design project: wedding invitation, t-shirt, greetings, packaging, stationery, logos, merchandise, posters, websites, digital presentations, etc. To make your workflow even more convenient and fluid, we’ve carefully created and included vector version of each and every element from the set, which makes Watercolor Enthusiast a truly essential product.

The package includes:

  • 75 Watercolor Elements in PNG and Ai formats;
  • 6 Unique Vector Patterns: AI, PNG, JPG;
  • 13 Pre-Made Compositions in PNG and Ai formats.

14. Licorice Christmas Watercolor Kit from PixelBuddha

Everybody loves holidays, right? Oh, we do! 🙂 And we’re incredibly happy to introduce you our new product inspired by the winter holidays! This set includes 37 high-quality elements, that will be very helpful in creating gift cards, apparel prints, posters, presentations and so much more! You may also find some inspiration from the ready-made scenes we’ve prepared.

All elements go in print ready PNG format (300dpi).

NEW: Vector Version of the product is included now! Now all elements come in vector AI and EPS formats as well.

Flower Decoration & Typography:

15. Flower Boom Graphic Pack from PixelBuddha

An Isolated flower cliparts collection which has all the chances to become an irreplaceable part of your toolbox! Fantastic quality of the photographs, high definition, big variety of elements and flexibility of the floral elements for all kinds of design projects won’t leave you cold, we have no doubts about it. In the Flower Boom you will find sunflowers, roses, leaves, branches, bunches and what not!Use this kit to create custom-designed wedding invitations, greeting cards, backgrounds, posters, digital presentations, packaging, etc. It’s so cool that after finishing this project, we’ve already had the chance to use it in some of our projects. 🙂

The package includes:

  • Flower Boom PSD (5180px 3450px), which contains all the elements set up in folders (all the shadows are placed on separate layers, you can use the elements with or without them).
  • PDF with the tips, which will help you to obtain the greatest results in you work with the kit.

16. Florist: Watercolor Flowers Set from Milka

I’m so very happy to introduce you the Florist, a high-quality set of various watercolor flowers. Each and every element was cut out with expertise and huge attention to the details. Just check out the imitation of the watercolor on the edges, his quality allows all flowers look amazing in your design projects with any texture or color as a background. No limitations, the Florist would be a great fit for any kind of print or web products.

What is included:

  • 22 Hi-Res flowers in print-ready PNG format (300dpi)
  • 12 vector frames (Ai, EPS)
  • Ready-made examples for your inspiration (PSD)

17. FlorArt Watercolor Kit from Creative Veila

Since the floral trend in design is not going anywhere anytime soon, obviously, it’s time to get proper tools to nails this style. Thus I’m incredibly happy to bring you the FlorArt, a kit of 30+ watercolor vector elements designed to become an important part of your toolbox!

I’m talking about a varied set of flowers, leaves, and herbs to create stunning typography, beautiful posters and banners, website hero images and creatives, print and apparel designs, and so much more! There are no limits, just the freedom of creativity!

These beauties are brought to you in the exceptional watercolor sketch style. A combination of bold inking and minimalistic painting will help your designs to stand out!

The FlorArt comes as:

  • A document in Ai and EPS formats including all vector objects;
  • High-res PNG clipart with transparent background.

18. Alannah Script Font from PixelBuddha

Meet Alannah Script, the first typeface from Pixelbuddha ever! It is so exciting to finally present you the result of our collaboration with Junik Studio. Our main goal was to give the font the feeling of playful joy and genuine hand-lettered appearance which can be added to any of your design projects just as easy as to pick the right font from your collection. And, as we believe, that’s exactly what it is about. We hope you will feel the same way about it. Alannah is a thoughtfully and professionally crafted font offering a vast international language support and rich Open Type features including various contextual alternates and ligatures.

Rich Open Type Features:

  • Vast international language support;
  • Contextual alternates;
  • Dozens of ligatures.

Delivery Formats:

  • OTF;
  • TTF.

This Bundle Highlights:

  • 18 creative graphics sets in 1 bundle!
  • extended license (like all of our deals): use for personal and commercial projects + you can also use them in designs/products that you sell. You can use all these items as a part of your non-digital or digital designs ( posters, t-shirt designs, stickers, web templates…). You cannot resell these files directly, or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form (like vector shapes, elements, fonts… – they need to be flatten into background or object in your digital item)


Normally, these 18 items would cost you $1170, but for a limited time only, you can get this unique collection for $19!

Deal Terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • All these items can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, on their own, or as part of your new design for sale.
  • Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own.
  • You cannot share these resources with others. This is a single user license!

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