Charming Floral Bundle

Need some floral, natural, rustic, boho, abstract, decorative & trendy style illustration or graphic set for your new web or print project? Whatever the case, this amazing watercolor illustration or artistic graphics bundle with lot of handdrawn illustrations, graphic elements, compositions & patterns is great source for all print or branding designers…. These graphics are in hi-res PNG or JPG image format so all are great for your new web design or any print design projects. Enjoy 😉

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All these elegant hand drawn graphics from Eva-Katerina are ready for print or online use! MAIN USAGE: flyers, posters, greeting cards, branding, packaging, phone cases, bags and totes, wall art, fabrics, t-shirts, website backgrounds. Actually any place you love! Enjoy 😉

With this deal you get:

  • 4 artistic, decorative & trendy style watercolor illustration & graphics toolkits!
  • hi-res PNG or JPG image format
  • Ready for print or online use (you can work with PNG images in any graphic software)
  • Extended license!

Take a look at what you can get:

4 romantic, floral, rustic & watercolor illustration sets!

1. Charming Rustic Watercolors from Eva-Katerina

Introducing a sunny rustic watercolor collection of charming farm birds, floral arrangements, seamless patterns and much more! This set includes 118 items (transparent PNG files and JPEG files).

What’s included:

  • DIY elements Birds and other elements (eggs) (24 PNGfrom 597 to 3538 px
  • DIY elements Floral elements (30 PNGfrom 796 to 5800 px
  • DIY elements Landscape elements & Houses (6 PNGhouse 2592 x 2840 px, meadow 3600 x 1368 px, sky 3600 x 3468 px
  • Floral arrangements (6 PNGappr. 2638 x 4724 px
  • Floral wreaths (12 PNGappr. 4460 x 4268 px
  • Pre made birds compositions (5 PNGappr. 3000 x 3300 px
  • Pre made landscape backgrounds (6 JPEG3600 x 4800 px
  • Seamless patterns (20 PNG5906 x 5906 px
  • Watercolor shapes (9 PNGappr. 3000 x 3300 px, min. 481 px

All files are high-resolution (300 dpi). All elements are on transparent layers (PNG files). Ready-made backgrounds are in high-res JPEG format.

Software requirements: The PNG transparent files and JPEG files can be opened with most photo editing software.

2. Bohemian Watercolor Collection Vol.1 from Eva-Katerina

Meet my Bohemian Watercolor Collection Vol.1. There are elegant hand painted watercolor floral arrangements, frames options, seamless patterns and DIY elements in this collection.

What’s included:

  • 5 ready-made bouquets (5 PNGMin size 3232 px, max 4506 px
  • 3 ready-made frames with paper texture (3 PNG3000 x 3591 px
  • 3 ready-made frames with white background (3 PNG3000 x 3591 px
  • 3 ready-made frames with transparent background (3 PNG3000 x 3591 px
  • 5 seamless patterns (2 PNGand 5 JPEG7087 x 7087 px
  • DIY elements (21 PNGMin size 1003 px, max 4501 px

All files are high-resolution (300 dpi). All elements are separate (PNG files).

Software requirements: The PNG transparent files and Jpeg files can be opened with most photo editing software.

3. Watercolour Blooming Spring from Eva-Katerina

Introducing the ‘Watercolour Blooming Spring’, a lavish versatile collection of hand-painted flowers, hands, geometric shapes and more! There are beautiful flowers, bouquets, frames, golden geometric shapes, textures, seamless patterns, pre-made backgrounds, DIY elements in this collection – endless possibility!

What’s included:

  • Bouquets (23 PNGMin size 2345 px, max 5004 px
  • DIY element (64 PNGMin size 963 px, max 4800 px
  • Pre-made golden frames (6 PNGMin size 2386 px, max 3948 px
  • Seamless patterns (11 PNG, 7 JPEG3600 x 4800 px
  • Textured backgrounds Non_seamless (3 JPEG3600 x 4800 px
  • Textured backgrounds Seamless (3 JPEG3600 x 4800 px
  • Watercolor shapes (3 PNG2427 x 1862 px

Software requirements: The PNG transparent files and JPEG files can be opened with most photo editing software. All files are high-resolution (300 dpi). All elements are separate (PNG files). Textures and seamless patterns are high-resolution JPEG and PNG files.

4. Watercolor Floral Collection from Eva-Katerina

Hi! I’ve created a new floral set for you and rest assured, it was made with all my love 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy your new resources. When we love flowers, no matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter. These elements can be used any time of the year! Flowers, floral arrangement, wreaths, DIY, textures, backgrounds…. 167 PNG and 37 JPEG files.

What’s included:

  • DIY (bird, vase, flowers, branches, leaves, stems, buds etc.) (94 PNG)
  • Bouquets with Watercolor backgrounds (3 PNG, 10 JPEGs)
  • Floral arrangements (8 PNG)
  • Floristic compositions-Bouquets (8 PNG)
  • Just Roses (7 PNG)
  • Bird on a tree variations (3 PNG)
  • Wreaths (8 PNG)
  • Flowers with wooden frames (10 PNG)
  • Non seamless patterns (7 PNG, 10 JPEGs)
  • Seamless patterns (7 PNG, 10 JPEGs)
  • Texture (6 PNG, 2 JPEGs)
  • Watercolor backgrounds (6 PNG, 5 JPEGs)

The PNG transparent files and JPEGs can be opened with most photo editing software.

This Bundle Highlights:

  • 4 floral, decorative & trendy style illustration & graphics toolkits!
  • extended license (like all of our deals): use for unlimited personal and commercial projects + you can also use them in designs/products that you sell. You can use all these items as a part of your non-digital or digital designs ( posters, t-shirt designs, stickers, web templates…). You cannot resell these files directly, or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form (like vector shapes, elements, fonts… – they need to be flatten into background or object in your digital item for sale). License is only for 1 person – you’ll need to buy 2 licenses if 2 persons will work with these graphics. Please read more about our exclusive license!


Normally, these 4 big illustration or graphics toolkits would cost you $64 (without extended license) & $313 (with extended license), but for a limited time only, you can get this unique collection for $14!

Deal Terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • All graphics can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, on their own, or as part of your new design for sale.
  • Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own.
  • You cannot share these resources with others. This is a single user license! You need to buy 2nd license for 2nd person working with these graphics. Thanks a lot for understanding and support.

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