Creative Photoshop Effects Bundle

If you are looking for something unique & creative for your new graphic designs or photography effects then you are at the right place because here you will get a great collection of 10 super creative Photoshop action sets. Enjoy 😉

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All these amazing Photoshop actions are from Twinbrush and ready for your new print or web graphic design! You can convert your images to pixel art, watercolor paintings or double exposure art in seconds!

With this deal you get:

  • 10 super creative  Photoshop action sets!
  • unique additions for your add-ons toolkit!
  • our extended license!

Take a look at what you can get:

10 super creative Photoshop action sets!

Although some of the actions and toolkits work on Photoshop CS3 and above I am stating that this bundle is for Photoshop CC and above just to make sure everyone understands that not all will work in older versions.

Creative Photoshop Megabundle Software Requirements:

Authentic HDR: Photoshop CC+

Color Double Exposure: Photoshop CS5+

Digital Glitch: Photoshop CC+

Hologlyph Hologram Glitch: Photoshop CC+

Image Double Exposure Toolkit: Photoshop CS5+

Instant IR Infrared: Photoshop CC+

Lomo Lomography: Photoshop CS2+

Pixel Art: Photoshop CS5+

Vintage Effect: Photoshop CS5+

Watercolor and Ink Action: Photoshop CS6+

01. Authentic HDR from Twinbrush

Twinbrush Authentic HDR Photoshop Action For Photoshop CC

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography can be a tricky technique to master, involving multiple exposures, edited and blended together. Not any more; Introducing the Twinbrush Authentic HDR Photoshop Action.

This action takes a single image and through a carefully crafted process, creates multiple variants that are blended together into a detail rich, breathtaking HDR image, all in a single click.

Pro Quality

The twinbrush Authentic HDR does not create garish, cartoony, false looking HDR images; instead, through the expertly designed process, this action is able to expand, enhance and reveal the hidden detail and colour information in your photographs and bring them jumping out, resulting in authentic, usable final images.

Versatile and Non-destructive

Using smart object layers and camera raw filters the final results are fully editable without damaging your original image.

Compatible with virtually any image format including Photoshop psd, jpeg, bmp and camera raw formats.

Complete Control

Every image is different and not all are as effective as others, however this action set creates 4 smart outcomes that, if not exactly as you’d like, can be edited or combined, providing you with the perfect starting point…if not the perfect image right off the bat.

Core Features

  • One Click action
  • Works with a single image, no need to take various bracketed exposure photographs
  • 4 different, fully customizable HDR effects created
  • All fully editable via Smart Object layers and Camera Raw filters
  • Increased colour information
  • Enhanced detail information
  • Various colour adjustment layers included for additional enhancements
  • Works with virtually any image format including jpeg, psd and camera raw formats
  • Quick start instruction read me file included

02. Color Double Exposure from Twinbrush

Colour Double Exposure effect template for Photoshop Easily create stunning colour double exposures with just a few clicks!

Ultimate control

Using smart objects, simply double click and replace the images with your own to instantly create breath taking colour double exposures. Feature packed psd files then allow you to customize colours and effects and add texture to make some seriously bad-ass imagery!

This is not a Photoshop action, but a more flexible and versatile option containing two high resolution psd files; One landscape and one portrait orientation.

Core features

  • High resolution 4000 x 2524 px
  • 1 x Portrait psd
  • 1 x Landscape psd
  • Adjustment layers included
  • Textures included
  • Update easily using smart objects
  • Clean, labelled psd layers
  • Ultimate user control
  • Tips and tricks .pdf guide included (with bookmarks for easy navigation)

Quick and easy

A tips and tricks guide is included to get you up and running, although it’s really not essential. If you can double click and know how to paste an image into a Photoshop document, you’re good to go! It really is that simple.

03. Digital Glitch from Twinbrush

Create professional digital glitch effects in seconds with these three high resolution, easy to use psd templates. Includes a bonus of 11 FREE ACTIONS specifically designed to enhance your glitch images and give you additional artefacts and distortion effects. Perfect for adding a cinematic effect, stylize look to your images, retro display effects, or grungy, post-apocalyptic digital interference effects…and everything in between.

Each of the three psd files have slightly different characteristics, but are jam packed with adjustable features and layers to give you virtually endless possibilities. If you know how to double click and paste a graphic that’s all you need to get up and running. A pdf instruction and tips guide is included to help you get the most out of the vast possibilities these templates offer.

Super simple to use

The Twinbrush Digital Glitch psd templates use super simple smart objects, so you can create stunning images in a matter of seconds and with just a couple of clicks. The psd files do, however contain various adjustment layers, textures and other editable options to give you ultimate customization control.

Core features

  • Three high resolution PSD templates (5200 x 3467px)
  • Texture overlay layers included
  • Adjustment layers included
  • Clean, organised PSD files with layer groups and names
  • Quick and easy editing with Smart Objects
  • Instructions and tips pdf guide included
  • BONUS ACTION SET INCLUDED (11 exclusive actions)

04. Hologlyph Hologram Glitch from Twinbrush

Hologlyph Digital Hologram Glitch Action for Photoshop CC

This comprehensive Photoshop action takes the digital glitch effect to the brink and beyond. By including specially developed displacement and anaglyph effects, you can create digital glitch effects that push the boundaries, mimicking futuristic hologram and digital display effects with minimal effort. Think Star Wars, think Aeon Flux, think Dredd, think Ghost in the Shell, think sci-fi, military, supernatural, paranormal, futuristic…think pretty much anything you like.

Easy to use Simply create a new layer, paint over the area you wish to apply the effect to and click play!

Total Control The action takes a few minutes to run, but what you’re left with is a detailed and organised psd file that contains a vast array of easy to use options, allowing you to completely customize the look and feel of your final image.

Not only do you have plenty of adjustment layers and additional effects to experiment with, but I’ve crafted the main components of the effect using smart filters to give you absolute control over the effect, without effecting your original image.

Virtually endless options As the action outputs a wide range of colour adjustment presents, adjustment layers, anaglyph effects and other options, the choice of combinations you can use to refine your image are almost endless.

Core features

  • Easy to use Photoshop Action
  • Seconds to set up, a few minutes to run
  • Totally customizable results using smart filters
  • Non-destructive using smart objects
  • Vast colour options via preset output results and adjustment layers
  • Demo/Instruction video included
  • Quick start read me text file included

05. Image Double Exposure Toolkit from Twinbrush

The Definitive Double Exposure Photoshop Toolkit

Double exposures are one of the most popular and striking photographic, Photoshop effects available today. You’ve probably seen it on the True Detective intro credits, as just one of the many examples.

This definitive toolkit contains everything you need to create truly jaw-dropping images quickly and easily.

The toolkit contains 2 High resolution psd files, with clearly organized and labelled layers and uses smart objects for ultimate ease of use. Thoroughly thought-out adjustment layers, colour overlays and gradient overlays, as well as texture overlay layers are included to give you HUGE customization options.

A detailed but easy to use instruction guide (with bookmarks for easy navigation) is included, along with a full resolution psd file, including source images so you can analyze and recreate the effect without guesswork.

Four Specifically created additional graphics are included. These Images are of birds, shard particles and leaves, all with transparent backgrounds that can be easily added to give your final images some real oomf!

Video tutorial now included

Core Features

  • 1 High resolution landscape orientation Psd
  • 1 High resolution Portrait Psd
  • 1 High resolution Psd, including source images and completed masks for reference
  • 7 texture layers to add depth and grit
  • Multiple colour adjustment layers and gradient overlays to customize your images
  • 4 additional transparent background graphics to add the finishing touches to your images
  • PDF instruction guide included (with bookmarks for easy navigation)
  • Video tutorial included

06. Instant IR Infrared from Twinbrush

This set of 8 actions converts your images an photos into ethereal pseudo-infrared. I say ‘pseudo’ as without the proper lenses and film/adaptions to your camera it is impossible to achieve true infrared photography. This action set, however get’s you mighty close!

Using smart object conversion, smart filters and adjustment layers, not only are your original images kept perfectly intact, but you have full control over the effect, adapting and changing it as you see fit.

The effect works best with images with a good balance of green/yellow hues. Please see before and after pictures for reference.

Give your images a stunning new life with the Twinbrush Infrared Action Set


  • 8 Actions included
  • Non destructive, using smart objects and filters
  • Fully Editable smart filters and adjustment layers

07. Lomo Lomography from Twinbrush

So you haven’t got the fundage to be going out and buying a proper retro or lomo camera? Yea, I hear ya…but fear not, the Twinbrush Lomography action set for Photoshop provides 12 stunning lomo effects that give you that distinct look. Perfect for adding a bit of oomf to your photographs be it for Instagram, other social media platforms or commercial work.

In one click the action churns out 12 radical lomography effects, all named and grouped for ease of use. Each result is fully editable using smart filters, so you can rest easy that your original image isn’t being effected as well as having absolute control! Gnarly!


  • 12 Actions included in the set
  • Fully editable via smart filters
  • Powerful controls via Camera RAW interface
  • Non destructive
  • One Click to run all 12 Actions
  • Named and grouped layers for ease of use
  • Quick guide READ ME text file included

08. Pixel Art from Twinbrush

The original 8-bit Photoshop action just got a serious Power UP!! Add a bit of 80’s and 90’s retro goodness to your images in a matter of seconds with this super slick action. Jump back in time and give your photographs or illustrations that Nintendo / C64 / Spectrum / Old-school arcade game look.

Versatile The action pumps out 24 different results, giving you plenty of options to choose from; from subtle 64-bit-esque detailed results to super stylized 8-bit sprite looks, there’s a pixel for everyone! Also included are adjustment layers and gradient masks included in the clean and organized PSD file that allow you to refine those radical pixels!

High Resolution The included PSD used to create the action results is 2000px x 3000px at 300dpi. If that’s not big enough, the included bonus enlarger action should be able to help out! Read below 🙂

Bonus I’ve also included a Bonus Action for Free that allows you to scale your pixel art up, in as close to vector precision as Photoshop can handle; minimal distortion and minimal anti-aliasing…power to your pixels!!

Go back to the future baby and turn your images and friends into radical pixel art!

Core features

  • Simple to use
  • Super quick
  • 24 Results
  • Suitable for use on photographs or illustrations
  • Quick guide Read me file included
  • Down right rad fun dooods
  • Bonus Enlarger action included

09. Vintage Effect from Twinbrush

Create an authentic vintage photo effect in no time with this set of 10 fully editable Photoshop actions

This action set allows you to give that old time vintage look to your photographs or images. From the sepia drenched, wild west through to the cool retro, black and white of the swinging sixties there’s an action here that will create the effect you’re looking for. One click runs all ten actions allowing you to see all your options at once and select the one you like most.


  • 10 Photoshop Actions included in the set
  • 1 click to run them all at once
  • Fully editable effects
  • Non-destructive smart filters
  • 14 Essential textures included
  • Quick guide text file included

Non Destructive There’s no need to worry about damaging or altering your original image, these actions use smart filters so your original image is never directly effected.

Total Control Created using Smart Filters and the Power or Camera Raw (yes you can use all these powerful features with a jpeg or psd file :] ) all ten of the actions are fully editable so you know you can achieve any effect you desire. Run the action set and if it’s not exactly as you’d like, simply double click the layer to open the immense power of the Camera Raw options.

Textures Included This download also contains a pack of 14 essential high resolution textures that you can apply to your images to really finalise that vintage look.

10. Watercolor and Ink Action from Twinbrush

In a few simple clicks you can turn your photographs into beautiful watercolor and ink sketch studies. The Twinbrush Artist Studio Watercolor Actions, contains two different actions. One mimics the look of a soft watercolor study, the other is more reminiscent of a slightly more gritty, comic influenced, watercolor and ink illustration.

Authentic Both actions automatically use custom Photoshop brushes, created by capturing real-world, traditional marks adding to the authenticity of the effect. Brush strokes, washes, daubs, drops and splatters are all included, creating a detailed and layered texture.

The process is randomized meaning, every time you run the action you’ll get a unique outcome.

Customize the look When the actions have finished running all layers are logically and clearly grouped, giving you control over the strength of the various marks, splatters, colours and linework.

Simple to use Simply create a new layer, brush over the approximate area you would like to apply the effect to and click play!

Please note the actions work best on large images (minimum of 2000px along the largest edge). Ideally something between 3000px – 5000px works best.

Core features

  • Simple to use
  • 2 Detailed actions included
  • Fully editable for customization
  • Organised layers and groups
  • Unique result every time
  • Based on and created with real, traditional marks
  • Instruction/Demo video included
  • Instructions quick guide included

This bundle highlights:

  • 10 super creative Photoshop action sets!
  • extended license (like all of our deals): use for personal and commercial projects + you can also use them in designs/products that you sell. You can use all these items as a part of your non-digital or digital designs ( posters, t-shirt designs, stickers, web templates…). You cannot resell these files directly, or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form (like vector shapes, elements, fonts… – they need to be flatten into background or object in your digital item)


Normally, all these Photoshop actions would cost you $109 (without extended license!), but for a limited time only, you can get this unique collection for $12!

Deal Terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Items can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, on their own, or as part of your new design for sale.
  • Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own.
  • You cannot share these resources with others. This is a single user license (for 1 user on any number of devices)! You’ll need second license for your colleague computer!

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