Dealjumbo Free Bundle vol.4 – 20 Add-ons & Effects

No time for download all these amazing add-ons separately? No problem at all. We have this FREE bundle for you with 20 add-ons & effects. Download & enjoy 😉

Dealjumbo Free Bundle vol.4 contains 20 add-ons and effects mostly for Adobe Photoshop (some for Adobe Illustrator) from 7 talented designers for FREE!

With this deal you get:

  • 20 add-ons & effects (mostly for Adobe Photoshop, some for Adobe Illustrator)
  • free for personal & commercial use!

Take a look at what you can get:

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Abstract Geometric Women Portraits

20 Amazing & FREE Presentation Mock-ups

1. Ballon – Free Text & Shape Mockup by PixelMustache

Free presentation mock-up template from PixelMustache. Great for your rounded shapes or rounded style fonts. Just change it in smart object window.

2. 10 Free Vintage Text Styles by PixelMustache

10 free text styles from PixelMustache. Cool for your new font preview images.

3. I’m Gold, Bronze & Silver – Free PSD by PixelMustache

Cool & free Photoshop effects for your objects, shapes or texts from PixelMustache. Get gold, bronze or silver effect for your logo or texts in seconds.

4. Wood – Free Text Style by PixelMustache

Cool & free Photoshop wood style effect for your objects, shapes or texts from PixelMustache. Get a cool wooden effect for your logo or texts in seconds.

5. Double Exposure – PSD Template by PixelMustache

Cool & free Photoshop template with effect for your photos or texts from PixelMustache. Get a cool double exposure effect for your photos in seconds.

6. Artistic Paint – PSD Template by PixelMustache

Cool & free Photoshop template with painting effect for your photos or texts from PixelMustache. Get a cool artistic effect for your photos in seconds.

7. VHS Effect – PSD Template by PixelMustache

Cool & free Photoshop template with grunge VHS effect for your photos or texts from PixelMustache. Get a cool artistic grunge effect for your photos in seconds.

8. 10 Free Shatter Text Effects by PixelMustache

Cool & free Photoshop template with 10 grunge text effects from PixelMustache. Get a cool effect for your new font or header in seconds.

9. Metal – Free PSD Text Style by PixelMustache

Cool & free Photoshop text style with glossy metal effect for your shapes or texts from PixelMustache. Get a cool artistic metal effect for your texts in seconds.

10. Free Halftone Dot Patterns for Photoshop by DesignerCandies

Cool halftone dotted patterns from DesignerCandies. Patterns are one of my favourite Photoshop features. Easily combine them with text, vector objects, layer styles and more to add seamless textures to your work.

11. Free Graph Paper Brush Set by DesignerCandies

Cool brushes from DesignerCandies. These graph paper brushes are one of my favourite home-made Photoshop tools. They’re simple, effective and useful in a wide range of graphic design situations.

12. 80 Free Hand Drawn Arrows by DesignerCandies

This free pack from DesignerCandys contains 80 hand drawn arrows. Need to point out a price tag or an important line of text? These arrow brushes are just the ticket! With over 80 unique hand drawn arrows to choose from you’re sure to find something to fit your project.

13. Free Radiate Brush Set by DesignerCandies

This free pack from DesignerCandys includes 12 unique & abstract techno style brushes. Great for album artwork, abstract backgrounds and decorating tech style design projects.

14. Free Vintage Stamp & Seal Brush Set by DesignerCandies

This free pack from DesignerCandys contains 56 vintage stamps and seals for Adobe Photoshop, neatly packed into an easy to use, convenient and authentic brush set.

15. 21 Free Distressed Halftone Brush Strokes by DesignerCandies

21 free brush shapes and Photoshop brushes from DesignerCandies. Authentic hand painted brush strokes with a vintage, distressed halftone effect.

16. Free Photoshop Text Styles by Zeppelin Graphics

3 free modern and glossy text styles for Adobe Photoshop from Zeppelin Graphics. Perfect for your new web or print projects! Download & enjoy 😉

17. Free Hipster Effects Bundle by Constantin Mor

Free hipster style effects bundle for Adobe Photoshop from Constantin Mor.

18. 51 Free Vector Brushes by Anna Ivanir

51 free vector brushes for Adobe Illustrator from Anna Ivanir.

19. 5 Free Photoshop Text Effects by SickFlyers

5 free photoshop text effects from SickFlyers. Layered Photoshop PSD file! Just copy and paste text effect to your text.

20. Free PSD Text Styles by Pawlowski Art

This cool PSD text styles are from Pawlowski Art. Great for your new flyer design or header! Download and enjoy 😉

Freebie Terms:

  • All freebies from dealjumbo can be used for both personal and commercial puroposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, on their own, or as part of new work.
  • Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own.

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